DSP Salary per month, Criteria, Responsibilities & Perks

DSP Salary

DSP is an acronym for Deputy Superintendent of Police in the Public Service Sector. In India, the Superintendent of Police oversees the police force in smaller districts, whereas the Senior Superintendent of Police is in charge of larger cities or districts with a large population. One of the most significant and powerful jobs in India is that of Deputy Superintendent of Police. In India, The Salary of DSP ranges from 1.3 lakh per year to 24.0 lakh per year. However, the salary of DSP can vary depending on the state and city in which they work. The level of the salary of DSP could be higher in larger cities and lower in smaller towns. The handsome salary of the DSP is backed up by a lot of prestige and honor. 

State-Wise Salary of the DSP 

The salary of DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) in India with less than 1 year of experience to 31 years of experience ranges from ₹1.3 Lakhs to ₹24.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹14.0 Lakhs based on the latest salaries.

StateAvg Annual DSP SalaryExperience
Central Bureau Of Investigation(Salary of the DSP)₹18.4 Lakhs₹14 Lakh/year – ₹25 L/year10-31 yrs 
West Bengal Police (Salary of the DSP)₹8.8 Lakhs₹7.5 Lakh/year – ₹12 L/year7-34 yrs 
Telangana State Police(Salary of the DSP)₹10.3 Lakhs₹6 Lakh/year – ₹15 L/year0-31yrs 
Central Bureau Of Investigation(Salary of the DSP)₹18.4 Lakhs₹14 Lakh/year – ₹25 L/year10-31 yrs 
Jharkhand Police (Salary of the DSP)₹15.5 Lakhs₹14 Lakh/year – ₹16 L/year15-18 yrs 
Government of West Bengal(Salary of the DSP)₹7.6 Lakhs₹7 Lakh/year – ₹8.1 L/year1-31 yrs 
Government of Odisha (Salary of the DSP)₹10.3 Lakhs₹10 Lakh/year – ₹11 L/year16-31 yrs 
Government of India  (Salary of the DSP)₹11.9 Lakhs₹10 Lakh/year – ₹13.7 L/year0-15 yrs 
Maharashtra Police (Salary of the DSP)₹8.6 Lakhs₹1 Lakh/year – ₹18 L/year0-31 yrs 
National Investigation Agency (Salary of the DSP)₹17.6 Lakhs₹10.9 Lakh/year – ₹26.5 L/year20-22 yrs 
Government of Jharkhand(Salary of the DSP)₹7.5 Lakhs₹4.5 Lakh/year – ₹11.5 L/year0-31 yrs 
Madhya Pradesh Police(Salary of the DSP)₹5.5 Lakhs₹5 Lakh/year – ₹6.3 L/year28-31 yrs 
Uttar Pradesh Police (Salary of the DSP)₹9.3 Lakhs₹5.9 Lakh/year – ₹13.8L/year5-11 yrs 
Tamil Nadu Police (Salary of the DSP)₹14.2 Lakhs₹12.6 Lakh/year – ₹16.4 L/year0-31 yrs 
Bihar Police(Salary of the DSP)₹6.9 Lakhs₹1.1 Lakh/year – ₹14.5 L/year31 yrs 
Karnataka Police (Salary of the DSP)₹18 Lakhs₹16.2 Lakh/year – ₹20.7 L/year31-32 yrs 
Government of Gujarat(Salary of the DSP)₹13 Lakhs₹11.7 Lakh/year – ₹15 L/year31 yrs 
Government of Uttarakhand(Salary of the DSP)₹12 Lakhs₹10.8 Lakh/year – ₹13.8 L/year18yrs 
Government of Tripura(Salary of the DSP)₹9.5 Lakhs₹8.6 Lakh/year – ₹10.9 L/year9yrs 
Rajasthan Police (Salary of the DSP)₹2.3 Lakhs₹2.1 Lakh/year – ₹2.6 L/year20yrs 
Jammu and Kashmir Police(Salary of the DSP)₹14.6 Lakhs₹13.2 Lakh/year – ₹16.8 L/year11yrs 
Delhi Police(Salary of the DSP)₹40.1 Lakhs₹36.1 Lakh/year – ₹46.1 L/year11yrs 
Central Reserve Police Force(Salary of the DSP)₹5.1 Lakhs₹4.6 Lakh/year – ₹5.9 L/year5yrs 

Detailed Structure of the Salary of DSP

The salary of the DSPs ranges between ₹53100 to ₹167800 per month. The salary of DSP is subject to the rules of the 7th pay scale in the following states – Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, MP, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. 

CategoryDSP Salary
Pay Level9
Pay BandPB-2 (₹9300 to ₹34800)
Grade Pay₹5400
Pay Scale ₹53,100 to ₹1,67,800
Basic Salary₹53,100
Maximum Salary (without any promotion)₹1,67,800
Dearness Allowance (DA)₹20,178 (38% Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HR)₹14337 (27 of Basic Pay)
Transport Allowance (TA)₹7,200 to ₹ 10,000
Starting In Hand Salary ₹1,19,864

Rank Structure in a State Police Force

Rank Structure in a State Police Force

DSP Salary in Different Department

Department NameDSP Salary
Legal & Regulatory (salary of the DSP)₹15.3 Lakhs₹11 Lakh/year – ₹23 Lakh/year
Security Services (salary of the DSP)₹12.1 Lakhs₹2.3 Lakh/year – ₹16 Lakh/year
Administration & Facilities (salary of the DSP)₹14.5 Lakhs₹7 Lakh/year – ₹19 Lakh/year
BFSI, Investments & Trading (salary of the DSP)₹8.5 Lakhs₹4.5 Lakh/year – ₹13.8 Lakh/year
Data Science & Analytics  (salary of the DSP)₹19 Lakhs₹15.3 Lakh/year – ₹24.2 Lakh/year
Custom Success, Service & Operations (salary of the DSP)₹5.1 Lakhs₹4.6 Lakh/year – ₹5.9 Lakh/year
Human Resources(salary of the DSP)₹1.3 Lakhs₹1.1 Lakh/year – ₹1.4 Lakh/year
Teaching & Training (salary of the DSP)₹8.1 Lakhs₹7.3 Lakh/year – ₹9.3 Lakh/year

How can I become DSP

  • A person who wishes to become a DSP must have been born in India and be an Indian citizen.
  • To be eligible for this position, the applicant must be between the ages of 21 and 30. The candidate who belongs to the ST/SC category has a 5-year age relaxation.
  • The candidate must be a graduate of a reputable college or university in any field.
  • A male candidate’s height must be at least 168cm, and a female candidate’s height must be greater than 155cm.

Responsibilities of DSP 

According to the National Police Commission set up by the Government of India in 1977, the duties and responsibilities of the police are to: 

  • Promote and preserve public order; 
  • Investigate crime; 
  • Identify problems and situations that are likely to result in the commission of crimes; 
  • Reduce the opportunities for the commission of crimes through preventive patrol and other appropriate police measures; 
  • Aid and cooperate with other relevant agencies in implementing; appropriate measures for the prevention of crimes; 
  • Aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm; 
  • Create and maintain a feeling of security in the community; 
  • Facilitate orderly movement of people and vehicles; 
  • Counsel and resolve conflicts and promote amity; 
  • Provide other appropriate services and afford relief to people in distress situations, and
  • Collect intelligence relating to matters affecting public peace and crime. Including social and economic offences, and national integrity and security. 

Although the salary of the DSP is generous it comes along with a duty and risk of life for the common people of our country. 

Perks of Being a DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police)

  • A well-furnished Bungalow or a house
  • A car with a blue beacon 
  • High job Security 
  • Security Guards 
  • Medical Facilities 
  • High Salary 

A significant salary of the DSP’s overall compensation package in India consists of various allowances that they are entitled to in addition to their base pay. The average salary of a DSP is approximately ₹1.5 lakh annually, although this can vary based on the state and city in which they are employed. In smaller towns, salaries may be lower whereas in larger cities, they may be higher. Deputy Superintendent of Police, or DSP, is a grade of police officer in the Indian police force. DSPs are in charge of maintaining peace and order in district divisions.


Q1- What is the starting salary for a DSP in India?

Ans- The starting salary for a DSP is approximately ₹53,100 per month, excluding allowances.

Q2- Which department offers the highest salary for DSPs?

Ans- The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) often offer the highest salaries, reflecting the high stakes and national importance of their work.

Q3- How does experience affect DSP salary?

Ans- Experience significantly impacts salary, with seasoned DSPs earning up to ₹24 lakhs annually, based on their role and the complexity of their assigned duties.

Q4- Are there geographical differences in DSP salaries in India?

Ans- Yes, salaries can vary notably between different states and cities, often higher in metropolitan areas due to the increased cost of living and operational demands.

Q5- What are the main factors that influence a DSP’s salary?

Ans- Factors include geographical location, departmental assignment, experience, and specific duties associated with the position.

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