Top Countries with the lowest literacy rate

Afghanistan's Literacy Struggle

2021 data shows a stark literacy rate: 37.3% with a significant gender gap.

Burkina Faso's Educational Challenge

In 2014, literacy stood at 34.6%, highlighting the need for educational reform.

Chad's Literacy Rates

Challenges persist with an adult literacy rate significantly low, demanding attention and action.

Ethiopia's Effort to Improve

2007 figures reveal a literacy rate of 39%, with ongoing efforts to enhance education.

Guinea's Educational Hurdles

With a low literacy rate, Guinea faces substantial obstacles in improving education.

Liberia's Literacy Landscape

2017 reports indicate a literacy rate of 48.3%, with marked gender disparity.

Mali's Literacy Gap

2018 statistics show a literacy rate of 35.5%, underscoring gender and educational divides.

Niger's Educational Struggles

In 2018, literacy rate at 35.1%, highlighting urgent need for educational investment.

South Sudan's Growing Needs

2008 data: 26.8% literacy, reflecting the critical need for educational infrastructure development.

Yemen's Educational Crisis

2004 figures point to a literacy rate of 54.1%, with efforts to improve ongoing.