World's 10 most peaceful countries

Global Peace Overview

Global peacefulness declines slightly, continuing a nine-year trend of deterioration.

10. Switzerland

Switzerland makes its debut among the top ten, balancing high weapon exports with peace.

9. Japan

Japan rises in rank, highlighting its safety and security despite regional defense concerns.

8. Slovenia

Slovenia, Central Europe's peaceful haven, slips slightly but remains in the top ten.

7. Portugal

Portugal's steady peace position is bolstered by its low militarisation and European ranking.

6. Singapore

Singapore ascends sharply, leading in safety and conflict management despite high military spending.

5. Austria

Austria maintains its peaceful stance, excelling across all domains with low violence costs.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand, top in Asia-Pacific, improves in peace indicators but faces economic cost challenges.

3. Ireland

Ireland holds strong with minimal economic violence costs and a non-NATO military strategy.

2. Denmark

Denmark rises with low violence costs, preparing for increased military spending amidst peace.

1. Iceland

Iceland leads for the 17th year, excelling in safety despite slight peace score declines.